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The home of “Freshly Roasted” Coffee Shops - Franchise South Africa

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As mentioned, we are a growing brand - whatever idea you have in mind, whatever location or premises you have in mind, either way, these could probably be used for a Freshly Roasted outlet. The three concepts contained on this page are illustrative and creative concepts and should not be seen as boundaries.

Freshly Roasted Concept 1: Mobile

This is either a fully branded and fitted out van; a mobile vending trailer or a modular kiosk that can be stripped down, moved and re-installed at temporary events and functions. Visitors to busy events such as sport gatherings, food fairs, school and university functions and anywhere where people gather on a non-permanent basis. This said, a mobile operation can also be parked at a fixed location on a semi-permanent basis such as along a beachfront route to serve commuters on their way to work or within the boundaries of a gated office park complex to serve office workers their coffee and a daily snack.

This concept might suit those seeking a second income over weekends or a part time activity designed to bring in additional income as and when time allows and suits the individual concerned. Expect an investment of R 40 000 to R 100 000. This depends a lot on what the ‘transport unit’ costs. A van and a trailer (see image top right) in combination or as two individual operations would cost more than the estimate above but by the same token, would end up as two business units. The Freshly Roasted team already have two of these units operating successfully. In one example, a single unit sold R 36 000 of coffee in just one four-day event and enjoyed an operating profit of over R 20 000 in just four days.

Freshly Roasted Concept 2: Kiosk and counter service.

This could be as small as a vending barrow in the corridor of a shopping mall or a shop within a shop at a fuel station, a popular gym or vending counter within a large corporate office block or showroom. The franchisee would have negotiated space within a space and structured his coffee business accordingly.

Food & add-ons

It is unlikely that concept 1 and 2 would include any cooking facilities but, depending on circumstances, they might well serve snacks and food items prepared of site or sourced from a third party.

Freshly Roasted Concept 3: Shop

Quick and Convenient Cuisine. The ideal venue is small and efficient, shiny and new. The size is between 20-80 square meters and the location is ideally in a mall or busy shopping area with easy access to office workers and/or shoppers. This is a place where you can grab a coffee and a snack and continue about your business, by all means sit a while - enjoy our free wi-fi or read a newspaper. This is not a lounge-around venue for a tea-party.  The concept is designed to appeal to an office worker in a rush, those with limited time during a lunch break or some one moving from point a to b. The price of each item should be within the daily budget of the office worker and designed as a snack lunch or tea but not a full meals. Quick and easy, fairly priced but of excellent quality…don’t forget the coffee of course.