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Freshly Roasted Copyright: Please be kind enough not to copy the information and images contained on this site. In addition to it being a little unfair, this is actually our intellectual and physical property and we might decide on legal action if this is done without our consent.  


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The home of “Freshly Roasted” Coffee Shops - Franchise South Africa

Franchise opportunity - Open your own coffee shop or re-brand your existing operation.

What we are not and what we do not do

We are not a large franchise requiring millions to start up and you do not pay us to set up your business. Under our guidance and with our assistance, you deal directly with your own sub-contractors and suppliers and we do not benefit or take any commission on your set up costs.

We are also not after a share of your monthly turnover percentages, you pay nothing for the use of our name or brands and, with the exception of coffee and coffee related items and some unique spices, you are not obligated to purchase all your goods from us. Your business remains your business and you benefit the most from your success. We will assist you with setting things up but will not dictate your menu, your prices or your opening hours.

What we are

A young, growing brand who would like to form an association with you.

We would like to be your associate but your business remains your business.  

We will help you to be successful and provide you with the tools to do so.

We offer you ongoing discounts on our coffee machines, products and services.

This is what we offer in summary:

The idea is to position ourselves as an upmarket but affordable small/fast food superior quality coffee shop. The ideal venue is between 15 - 40 square meters for our “Kiosk” option or from 40-80 square meters for our “Shop” option. Yes, to have seating (if this is suitable in a specific outlet) is ideal but we also target the grab-and-go market. The ideal location is in and around office workers and pedestrian traffic with little time to sit.

Small; very clean and shiny; modern and fresh… this is what we strive to be. Good, affordable fresh food at a price that our customers can afford on a daily basis.

Our recipe starts with helping you, our partner, to plan and set up your business. We will help you develop a business plan; a marketing plan and through the set-up process. We will help make you a ‘coffee specialist’ - help you to train and develop your staff by equipping you to be a trainer. Our “train the trainer” program will equip you to run your own restaurant as efficiently and productively as possible.  

1. You use our name and trade as “Freshly Roasted” - no charges but you pay for your own set-up costs.

2. You use our logos; name and material.  Again no charge but your cover your own direct costs. 

3. You use our menu ‘style’ but are free to remove or add items of your own choice with the exception of certain items which we would like to make uniform or standard throughout the group.

4. You buy from us: Coffee; certain pre-mix spices and dressings at competitive prices; our unique gourmet biltong in 50 g packets; gourmet roast beef (and dressing) slices for our signature dish which is a seeded/whole wheat roll containing our own roast beef and a few add-ons.

5. You hire (or buy outright) coffee machines equipment and accessories from us.

6. You get two free email addresses; you get represented on our website and across social media platforms.

7. We ‘share’ good and bad experiences with each other for mutual gain.


STEP 1: Once we have established communication we will give you electronic access to further details and, supposing you are keen to continue, we will then draw up and sign our Franchise Agreement - this can be done even before you find suitable premises or purchase your trailer, irrespective of the business type you choose.

STEP 2: There is no franchise fee. We do however charge only for actual costs incurred by us, being time and direct expenses incurred on your behalf. You will be required to pay a single up front fee of R 10 000 (plus VAT), this could be considered as a pre-payment for consulting and development and it entitles you to dedicated assistance from our MD, Alan Hawkins who will guide you through Step 3 and 4.

STEP 3: We will assist you with all steps of the process from the idea to your opening day. This will include but not be restricted to selecting premises; preparing a detailed business and marketing plan; choosing all your equipment; design and shop-fitting; overseeing your lease and other contractual agreements; signage and décor and all other set-up activities required to get your business up and running. Your R 10 000 fee covers this service and in the unlikely event that it is insufficient we will advise you accordingly. You will not be obliged to make any further payments or to use our services should you not wish to. From this point onward, we will supply an estimate or quotation for any additional costs and it will be your choice to commit to these or not. We feel that this is a better arrangement for you … the alternative would have been a significantly larger up front fee (usually called a franchise fee). We do prefer this more transparent process.

STEP 4: Planning, training and set-up towards a target opening day.

Other: We will supply and authorise you to use: our colour scheme (for your own painters to apply and your own cost); approved wall paper; sign templates (for your own sign-writers and costs); table talkers; table cloths; coffee equipment; coffee products; our own gourmet biltong; unique spices for chicken mayonnaise and curry dishes; our own recipes if applicable; menu templates (for your own printers to use). We will include your store and promote this on our website; social media platforms and other marketing efforts. We will train you for all matters surrounding coffee an our recipes and invite you )and/or your staff to spend time working at other franchises and with experienced staff in order to develop your own in house skills. You will pay a rate of R 50 per hour for two attendees and R 25 per hour for any additional attendee to the third party franchisee for his role in this service.  


Coffee specialists

You will be assured of the best coffee in your area.

Design Freedom

We are here to work with you, to assist and rarely will we dictate.

Be your own boss

Own and manage your own coffee shop

Have someone to help and guide you

Select and manage your own costs - no surprises and no franchise fees.

If you would like more information, please use the form below and let’s start the next level of communication.

Welcome, you’re visiting us because you are either interested in starting your own new business or you already have your own business and are considering joining our team. Either way, you’re welcome - please browse around to learn a little more and if you are interested please complete the form which you will be guided towards at the bottom of this page.

Let me start by saying that we are not a large national franchise with a well known brand name and a multi-million Rand TV campaign. We are a young and dynamic brand targeting the growing demand for quality coffee products in South Africa. We do not expect you to have millions and nor do we intend getting rich from your hard work. This probably sounds strange but our philosophy is that this is your business, you are a hard working entrepreneur and we are here to support you. Your growing success will mean that you sell more coffee and this is the primary benefit which we enjoy from the mutually beneficial association.  Your success is our success.

Let’s start with a few basic facts, if you really don’t accept these, perhaps this isn’t for you.

1. You do need access to funds, borrowed or otherwise, to open your own business. In our case, your business could be anything from a mobile event operation to a small to medium fixed location shop. You will need available funds of between R 80 000 and R 400 000, depending on some variables.

2. Owner driven businesses have a far higher likelihood of success than those run at arms length. If you are able to commit your own time and presence to this and are passionate, enthusiastic and energetic you will have a high probability of success.  

3. Some people are good at, and enjoy, dealing with the public, others are not. One can’t just do this occasionally when running your own business, this is a daily occurrence. This type of business is best suited to friendly and empathetic entrepreneurs who can interact with people across all levels.

Alan Hawkins, our MD, has had over 30 years of experience in business consulting and the development and management of his own businesses. After his relatively early retirement in his forties, he turned to his passion, coffee. Alan founded the EL Coffee Company and his name is part of Cutman & Hawk brand. In addition to being our coffee roaster, Alan is in charge of our franchise operations and gives of his time and experience selflessly. He takes a personal interest in all activities and is available at all times as a ‘partner’ to all the franchisees.

OK, you’re comfortable with the basic facts and have been introduced to Alan Hawkins, it’s time to delve a little deeper into what is on offer.

Please select correct option/s below:

Once you have submitted the form below, we will commence discussions on the type of Freshly Roasted store that you have in mind, mobile; kiosk or larger. We will guide you through each step as we help grow your business from concept stage to opening the doors.