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Freshly made - fresh ingredients - no added chemicals - collect or deliver - catering platters - East London - online

To put this simply, we will prepare and serve any catering platter you would like - does this really help?

Probably not…here are some guidelines for you:

Step 1: Expect to be able to serve a light snack lunch to 4-6 guests from our medium platters and between 6-8 guests on a large platter.

Step 2: Expect to pay from R 30 per head for a reasonable standard but budget platter. By reasonable, expect a fairly standard light lunch. This intended as a light saucer-style lunch and not a main meal of the day. Medium size = R 150; Large size R 250.

Step 3: Up your budget. It’s actually quite simple, we will do the same sized platters for you but we will improve the standard according to your budget.  By example, lets take a basic R 150 medium sized platter. Expect fairly basic comfort food. This can be converted to an executive platter at R 250 (large size R350). We will now add a few delicacies and some more expensive ingredients, for example our biltong and blue cheese bites; smoked salmon and capers; parma ham etc.

Step 4: Once you have done the maths and decided on a budget, please complete the form below and place your order.   

Catering order form - East London - Eastern Cape only

Any allergies or unwanted foods eg: Nuts; sea food?

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