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Convenient Cuisine for the commuter, office worker and those in a rush while they cope with the pressures of a modern and busy world. Freshly Roasted outlets will, in addition to the best coffee available, provide you with a snack or meal while you go about your business. Are you interested in opening up your own store or mobile operation? Please go to the link above to find out a little more.

Every business needs something unique - what makes us different? What makes us appealing?

“It’s not just one thing,” says Alan Hawkins, “it’s a combination. Like any recipe, it’s how the ingredients work together to form a meal or as in our case a “brand.”” It starts with coffee, we’re talking some of the best coffees in the world, to sit or to go and offered at a reasonable and fair price. Now add the fact that we get our freshly roasted coffee to our outlets within days of roasting… those who do know their coffee will know how important this is. Add our Convenient Cuisine, being light but convenient and affordable meals. Office workers and hurried commuters, those on their way from one commitment to another, need to et. There is a movement away from stodgy pies and greasy chips, our customers want a tasty and perhaps a more healthy snack at an affordable price, to sit or to go. So we’re about exceptional coffee. Light snacks in a quick and easy format.  

Open your own business and become the manager of your own time, financial and job security.

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