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The home of “Freshly Roasted” Coffee Shops - Franchise South Africa

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At Freshly Roasted we have very few rules, regulations and restrictions. This page is dedicated to those few products and/or menu items which are controlled by us.

We ask members to understand that a brand and it’s stakeholders all benefit from both high and consistent standards across all operations. This applies to the quality of the fare on offer, the products themselves and importantly the “look and feel” of the store itself. Let’s take the plungers (below) as an example - when displayed alongside some attractive coffee bags these can look awesome while endorsing us as a speciality coffee outlet - attractive and appealing. Selling some product now and again would be a mere bonus but the advantages to the “look and feel” will help escalate the quality of the brand-image. Yes, we are still a tiny operation but each little step forward will help us all grow together. Members my either purchase product through our normal channels or shop online and enjoy various online discounts which ado not apply to the standard purchasing (IE: Account) methods. Go to menu item “Buy now” for more information.  

Our coffee is one fo the best around and all members are required to purchase, for own use and as stock for resale, our coffee products exclusively. Members will use the Cutman & Hawk brand and (at their own discretion/if believed viable) are to consider the C&H Roasters Reserve Range as retail stocks. Members will enjoy a 20% discount on all stocks for retail purposes (being 250 g bags) and shall maintain a stock level of no less than 10 items at all times. We recommend  a mark-up of 30% on all items and that a 10% discount is offered when a client buys two or more packs.  

All members are required to stock, for resale, our Cutman & Hawk Biltong to sell as snacks. This applies to all outlets irrespective of venue or type. The biltong comes in vacuum packed 40 g bags; can be stored in a freezer; can be used in salads; sandwiches and sold as a snack to go. Members are to apply a 30% mark up on all items.  

Roasters Reserve is our range of Speciality coffees. Members are not obliged to stock this but they are encouraged to do so. The possibilities are extensive and discussions could include the supply of a grinder (at no charge) in return for a monthly commitment by the member.

All members are to source all coffee machines, equipment and accessories from us. Members will enjoy favourable pricing and advantageous rental and rent-to-buy options.

All members (excluding mobile) are to stock at least four each of our small coffee brewing systems. These might only be four plungers (pictured alongside) at a minimal investment of between R 200-R 400 but can (on a voluntary basis) be extended to include bean-to-cup machines and Bialetti stove top machines.  

Food support items.

Unlike many franchises we do not dictate the menus to be offered by members. This said, we do encourage you to include curry (perhaps chicken at least and also beef mince and lamb curry) in you menu as well as chicken mayonnaise which can be used for the popular wraps and toasted sandwiches. We supply the spices for both these meals and members who serve these items are obliged to use the recipes contained here as well as the spices available.