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The home of “Freshly Roasted” Coffee Shops - Franchise South Africa

Freshly Roasted is the retail and franchise arm of the East London Coffee Company.

At EL Coffee, we roast and wholesale coffee beans, coffee equipment and  accessories. Coffee is our business! After years of focusing on the development of superior coffee, it was decided to support our customers even further by offering them an ‘off-the-shelf’ branding and retail support package as an optional extra, this was how the Freshly Roasted concept was born.

We started off with a mobile events trailer a short while ago and can now boast two similar trailers with two in the pipeline. We also now have four branded fixed outlets with another two expected to open within the next few months.

Why not stick to roasting?

The selection and roasting of good quality coffee beans is indeed our core business. But hey, to ensure that this same quality eventually reaches the consumers lips take a few key steps. The idea behind Freshly Roasted is that we are here as your coffee partners and not merely your suppliers. We are here to help you purchase, store, brew and lastly to serve some of the best coffee in the world, not only South Africa.

Coffee shop franchise - Catering - Platters - Office - Home - Conferencing - Functions - East London

“I don't know how people live without coffee, I really don't.”

Martha Quinn

Office platters

Catering and Conferencing

Expecting guests? Either at home or in the office. Our freshly made platters are made with fresh ingredients and not the left-overs from the supermarket shelves.

Whether these are intended as a starter, a main or a desert or snack, our freshly made platters are sure to satisfy your every desire.

Certain areas only

Convenient Cuisine

Our fixed premises and larger outlets offer a range of Convenient Cuisine snacks which can include one-pot-shots such as lamb and chicken curries; smoothies; toasted and fresh sandwiches and other light snacks. This does vary by store as we do not dictate menus and other ‘rules’ to our franchisees. Other than selling our own gourmet biltong and using our chicken mayonnaise and curry spices, we offer support rather than rules and regulations.   

Franchise coffee shops

Mobile coffee shops

Coffee and snacks

Wraps and sandwiches

Savoury platters

Sweet platters

Tea-time platters

Health platters

Wrap platters

Cheese and biscuits

Cakes and deserts

Lamb and chicken curry

Who are we?

We are a South African registered “”proprietary limited” registered company (2004). We are audited annually and are a VAT registered  BBE Level 4 Company. Our Managing Director, Mr Alan Hawkins, is an experienced entrepreneur who has specialised in small to medium enterprises both as an active participant and a consultant. He has over 30 years experience in small business development and management.