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Use them or lose them but here are some tips and guidelines that will help you go about your daily tasks…. If you have a few more, please email these to use. At Freshly Roasted we’re all about sharing good ideas and bad experiences so that we cam all learn from each other.

As an entrepreneur you are now a shopkeeper, a sales person, a disciplinarian, a mother, a policeman, an administrator, a driver, a buyer, a security guard…I could go on but am sure I don’t need to. Welcome to a vastly different world if this is your first time in business…

Here are a few tips which might help you on your way - please remember that all the above is now a normal part of your daily life and yes, it was (I am sure) far easier to work for someone else with a fixed job description, agreed hours and a few perquisites, say good buy to that world and hello to being your own boss… a very tough one.

On the plus side, when you walk away at the end of a successful week, you will know that this is your doing, a result of your good and hard work..walk tall, give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it.  

Management - what is it?

Management in one’s own business is defined as the ability to take the assets that are available to you (money; people; physical things; skills) and to utilise them in such a way that their presence is converted into a financial benefit or, in accounting terms, a return on value or investment, often referred to as an ROI. It is your job to see that you look after your assets in every possible way; that you develop and grow all possible income streams in a sustainable manner and that you mange and contain expenses and risk. During this process, we feel that as a Freshly Roasted team member, you must also subscribe to the (sadly) old fashioned principle of being be honest and fair in all your activities or undertakings   

This is no however a management course, all we want to do is to give you a few key tips to apply while you manage your own small business and in particular our Freshly Roasted franchise.

Rule #1: Your customer is always right - for every customer who complains, there are four other silent but unhappy customers who will vote with their feet and never return again. Give thanks to that one who complains - listen carefully appropriate action when deemed necessary, if you do you will reduce the quiet majority who walk away in silence.

Rule #2: The sad (oh so sad) reality is that, given an opportunity, combined with limited risk or consequence, more than 6/10 of your trusted partners, staff or customers, will take the gap and steal from you. Be this a serviette, working time, the toilet paper, a pen, a single egg or a thousand rand - this is a reality, accept it and manage it.

Rule #3: Your staff will not always do as you have instructed or as you wish when your back is turned. The reality is that they (somewhat understandably) do not carry the same passion or commitment that you do, why should they? They don’t own the business and neither have they invested their money or personal time it its establishment and nor will they be rewarded (not as much as you anyway) from it’s success.

Rule #4: At home you cook and prepare food and your home with love for your family and without expecting reward. We’re now talking about a business and rule 4 is about mathematics and not emotion. We’re talking about stock control; portion control; administrative disciplines ; balancing the books; shrinkage and theft … if you ignore the mathematics in the business environment , you will fail! I do not say this lightly.

Rule #5: Marketing is everything and everything is marketing. The four P’s: Price; Place; Product and Promotion, the old fashioned recipe, must dominate your thinking.

Rule #6: Cleanliness and ‘household disciplines” are extremely important. You are now in the food business and need to apply a sense of responsibility. Your customer needs to trust that your shop is pristinely clean and the likelihood that they will pick up a food bug I minimal. Aside from this being your bounden duty, would you like you business to be the topic of a conversation in the nearby school parking lot while others compare their poor experiences/ bad new travels faster than you could possibly believe.

Rule #7: Never stop looking for new customers or other growth opportunities. Be this new products or new marketing methods, you need to focus your efforts on increasing your income streams day and and day out. Every interaction anywhere at any time creates such an opportunity. Seek them out and leverage the to the benefit of your business.

Rule #8: Be fair and honest at all times, be this with your suppliers, customer, your partners and you staff, this is the only way!