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Freshly Roasted Copyright: Please be kind enough not to copy the information and images contained on this site. In addition to it being a little unfair, this is actually our intellectual and physical property and we might decide on legal action if this is done without our consent.  


The home of “Freshly Roasted” Coffee Shops - Franchise South Africa

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Welcome to our member only area. This is a new addition to our site and we will appreciate any feedback which you might have for us….what would you like here…what would you like to see?

You have been given access to this area because you are either an existing franchisee or because you have indicated an interest in joining the Freshly Roasted team. On this page you will find out a little more about who we are and what we have in mind for this young and growing franchise.


It’s all in a word, we’re young and fresh! A growing and dynamic brand whose first objective will soon be reached, that is to have ten franchise operations. At the time of writing we have six and are in discussion with another four. The second meaning of Fresh is about our coffee. Our primary objective us to bring the best quality coffee to our target market. We can roast the best beans in the best possible way but this needs to be enjoyed by the consumer within 1-8 weeks of roasting, the closer to one or two weeks from roasting, the better. The concept of Fresh also applies obviously to food.


Coffee (the good kind) is becoming more popular by the day in South Africa. In addition to this, gross profits per cup in the food and beverage service industry are huge at between 60-80 percent of the selling price. Put differently, coffee brews enjoy mark-ups of 200-300%! Coffee is “Roasted” and Freshly Roasted is the best kind. The name “Roast’ also has pleasant connotations when applied to food products, be this roasted beef, chicken or even nuts and cold meat. So in a nutshell, the term and our name Freshly Roasted does tick a few boxes and should hold us all in good stead in our different ventures.

We are not a big brand yet but all big brands also started off as a small family business, we’d love to have you as part of our growing family.

The advantages of being a small and growing brand

Aside from the obvious fact that big-brands charge millions to open up one of their stores, they can be extremely restrictive and the individual franchisees end up being treated more like employees who carry risk rather than as partners. We abide by the philosophy that your Freshly Roasted outlet, in whatever form, is and always will be your own business. With a few restrictions, you will choose your own décor, your own menu, your own shopping hours and your own rules. What we bring to the table (aside of course the best coffee available) is a support program to help as and when help is needed. Yes, we do need some uniformities and all need to abide by some general standards but these are designed to enhance your business and not to restrict it.  

Alan Hawkins is our chief roaster and is the founder of the East London Coffee Company. The Freshly Roasted concept started with a mini-tuck shop in a very quiet shopping centre - although the concept was developed here, the kiosk failed after two incidents of staff theft and low traffic. We specifically mention this failure to illustrate our approach to transparency and also Alan’s approach to the business. “One learns an incredible amount from failure, it is this which makes us strong. It is from failure that we learn to develop successful systems that work!” His philosophy is that the members of the Freshly Roasted team will share success stories and also lessons learned along the way. That this sharing process will make us all stringer as a team than we can be as individuals.